Merzesh Magra Patient Reviews

Below are just some of the reviews patients have written about my hip and knee surgery services.

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From my first appointment to my 6 week post op check up Mr Magra has been totally honest and thorough.He is very caring and explains everything to you he makes you feel very confident about the future.After a successful hip replacement I would certainly recommend him to anyone who was in as much pain as I was before my surgery.

Patient at Westmorland General Hospital

At my six week post operation appointment Mr Magra listened to me, maintained eye contact, explained post operative care for hip replacement , showed me the X-ray taken before being discharged from hospital. Totally professional in answering my questions. In my opinion an outstanding consultant whom I can highly recommend.

Patient at Westmorland General Hospital

I Struggled for years with Arthritis in my right knee. I met with Mr Magra, who agreed to carry out a full knee replacement. The results after seven weeks are amazing. My mobility, has improved dramatically. Throughout the whole process Mr Magra has been fantastic, I can’t thank him enough for his care and skill.

Patient at BMI Lancaster Hospital

Naturally I was apprehensive about having my hip replacement however I cannot praise Mr Magra enough. From my first consultation to my 6 weeks post appointment he explained everything to me and answered all my questions with enthusiasm and interest and put my mind at rest. Thank you for eliminating my pain so I can smile again.

Patient at BMI Lancaster Hospital

I have found Mr. Magra to be very approachable, caring and with an excellent ability to explain clearly, in layman’s terms, the precise nature and solution to my problem knee. The actual operation went without a hitch, as far as I am aware and has been a complete success. After 8 weeks, I can honestly say that I am delighted with the result. The care I have received at WGH by Mr Magra and his team, cannot be faulted in any way and he gets my heartiest endorsement!!

Patient at Westmorland General Hospital

I was seen in the orthopaedic clinic during a covid 19 lockdown and was unsure what to expect. Firstly I had X-rays, then an examination and consultation. Then, and much to my delight I was offered and administered steroid injections for pain relief. Mr Magra was thorough, and at no time did I feel rushed or that I wasn’t listened to. I left the consultation delighted, with a clear and personalised plan in place, in order to relieve and treat my symptoms in the future.

Patient at Royal Lancaster Hospital

I met Mr Magra in Lancaster hospital the day after I was admitted following a fall from my bicycle, He listened carefully about the incident and was very thorough and informative regarding his diagnosis and plan. A full hip replacement was decided upon due to my general physical fitness. At the follow up appointment a couple of months later, he was very pleasant and remembered me! His examination and advice was very thorough and I left the appointment very satisfied.

Patient at Royal Lancaster Infirmary

I went to see Mr Magra about my knee. I had damaged my ACL about 8 years earlier but it had somehow flown under the radar even though I had seen various Doctors about it over the years. I eventually had a MRI scan on it and was told to see Mr Magra who immediately said I needed an operation, AT LAST !! Mr Magra’s pre OP and post OP consultations were excellent, he was very friendly and very informative and had plenty of time for me, the actual operation was a complete success, although he told me it wasn’t a cure and I would likely have problems with my knee as I get older with rheumatism, but it sure is a welcome break from the pain and discomfort I’ve been having for the last 8 years. So I’d like to thank Mr Magra for recognising that I needed an operation and for doing such a good job with the operation. Thank you Mr Magra

Patient at Westmorland General Hospital

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